Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain winning the European Championship

I have a confession to make - I actually wanted Germany to win the European Championship last night. With no involvement from the home nations, it was a hard choice to make, but I happened to draw Germany in a work sweepstake, so I nailed my colours and allegiance to them for the duration of the tournament. The fighting spirit lasted for a long time, but sadly it was not to be, and on this occasion they came 2nd. Still my support was for them was for this tournament only, if I had drawn another team I'd probably have supported them for the duration in the absence of any home nation - hopefully I'll not have to make that choice come the World Cup!

However, I am also pleased for Spain and especially el nino(Torres) who scored the winner, being a Liverpool fan it helped make defeat that much sweeter and Spain really had been the team of the tournament.

Andy Murray beating Gasquet

What an amazing tennis match, and what a player. He never gave up, and won though in what had to be one of the most entralling matches I've ever seen played at Wimbledon. When Gasquet was serving for the match in the third, Murray looked finshed, but back he came, with some of the most amzing shots I've ever seen played in a tennis match.

On Wednesday I'll be going to Wimbledon and I am looking forward to his match against Nadal, maybe another classic??? Hopefully Murray will win, it will be tough, but if he plays as well as he did tonight in the final three sets he stands every chance of going further.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barack Obama wins Democrat nomination

Well I've been backing him from the start as the Democratic nominee and finally last night he was confirmed as John McCain's opponent in November. This has possibly been the longest drawn out primary season going right to the bitter end. Hilary Clinton is certainly a formidable fighter and fought him right to the end even though she'd effectively lost a long time ago.

I never really believed that Obama would win the nomination back in January and thought Hilary would come through - a prediction I thankfully got wrong. Now he has to pick a running mate, Hilary is touting herself around and has a strong case but given the divisive nature of the primary campaign is it really a viable option? One thing that does need to happen is that Democrats have to come together and unite behind Obama, if they embark on infighting they'll hand the presidency to John McCain and that would be a disaster for the US and the world. Obama is the change candidate and hopefully will be the next President of the United States.

Let the battle commence!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mitcham Eastfields station opens

After nearly a seventy year wait, just aftet 4 today the new Mitcham Eastfields station opened and services commenced. They had orginally meant to start this morning but due to techincial issues the opening was delayed till this afternoon.

The new station will impove travel significantly from the Mitcham area, and especially from my council ward of Pollards Hill, part of which is near to the station. London will now be only twenty minutes on the train, along with providing a direct link to the Eurostar station at St Pancras and to Luton Airport. Hopefully the station will also act as an economic stimulas for the area and bring much needed new investment into the area.

Its been a long time coming but at last its here.