Sunday, July 05, 2009

Federer winning Wimbledon

What a remarkable final - now I thought last year was good, but this match was every bit as good. In winning, Federer has to be the best ever tennis player, his performance was again brilliant, even if it took until the 77th game to break the Roddick serve. I thought Andy Roddick put up a great show, even after squandering four set points in the second set tiebreak he kept going right to the end and to lose the final set 15-13 and showed his tenacity and perseverance. For Andy Roddick to lose three Wimbledon finals must be pretty hard to take, but Federer is a brilliant player, and to win fifteen Grand Slams is an amazing record unlikely to be beaten for a long time to come. I can even see Roger Federer getting to twenty, and given his age he has every chance of achieving even more.

Wimbledon is a tournament that produces some great matches each year, and this year was no exception. As a tennis addict I am always glued to the TV set during Wimbledon fortnight, the only thing missing this year was not seeing Nadal being able to defend his title, and Murray missing out on the final. Hopefully next year will be different but nothing can be taken away from the triumph of Roger Federer in winning again.