Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain winning the European Championship

I have a confession to make - I actually wanted Germany to win the European Championship last night. With no involvement from the home nations, it was a hard choice to make, but I happened to draw Germany in a work sweepstake, so I nailed my colours and allegiance to them for the duration of the tournament. The fighting spirit lasted for a long time, but sadly it was not to be, and on this occasion they came 2nd. Still my support was for them was for this tournament only, if I had drawn another team I'd probably have supported them for the duration in the absence of any home nation - hopefully I'll not have to make that choice come the World Cup!

However, I am also pleased for Spain and especially el nino(Torres) who scored the winner, being a Liverpool fan it helped make defeat that much sweeter and Spain really had been the team of the tournament.


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