Monday, December 13, 2010

Local Government settlement

At last, the local government settlement has been made, and true to form Eric Pickles has certainly taken care of his mates in the Tory shires. whilst shafting the urban areas which are predominately Labour authorities. In London, the bias is also endemic where surprise, surprise the Tory boroughs have done much better than the Labour Boroughs, just like what happened under Maggie. Fair it isn't, but then again then they've never been known for that trait and they are still the same old Tories despite all the coalition gloss.

In Merton we will be required to make even larger savings than those envisaged previously. It is tough times, and it will mean taking some very difficult decisions in the next few weeks. One thing is sure, as a Labour Council protecting the vulnerable and those in need will remain paramount to our decision making and principles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So spending £4.5 million pounds providing 'free' wheelie bins counts as protecting the vulnerable and those in need?

6:24 pm  

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