Monday, November 03, 2008

One day to go

The long road to the US election is finally at an end, and what an exciting campaign it has been. In the States the election has seen record early voting, with the Obama base extremely energised and voting in numbers never seen before. All the polls are in his favour, and looks like it may be a landslide, personally my prediction is that he'll be elected President and win the electoral college with over 350 votes. I also think he'll sweep the swing states, Virgina(first time since 64), Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and may even have some surprise wins in states like Georgia and even Arizona(McCain's home turf). Mc Cain is on the defensive, and the maths are also strongly against him given the latest state polls.

Still elections can be strange beasts, and nothing can be guaranteed but given the polls and 111 successive polls showing Barack in the lead, surely McCain is not get going to pull this one off and it's why I think Barack will be the 44th President. Good luck Barack, you'll make a great President and tomorrow will surely be a momentous day for the world.


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