Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It has to be Barack

With the endorsement of John Edwards earlier today it surely spells the end of Hillary Clinton's campaign. It has been a fantastic battle and one of the most exciting primary races for a generation, but it's quite clear that Barack Obama will be the Democrat nominee for president.

Hillary will do herself no favours if she stays in beyond the end of the primary season in early June. It is clear that the momentum with super-delegates is with Barack and that he'll soon have enough support to take him over the line. The issues of Michigan and Florida are raised continuously along with their exclusion. It is clear that even if they were included Barack would win, and he wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan.

However, the one worrying thing about Barrack’s candidature for president is his polling among blue-collar workers. The Democrats need to win over that crucial demographic. What has also concerned me is his failure to really win any of the big states except his home patch of Illinois, it's all very well winning the small states but the big ones is where the vote is come election time.

I started off a Barack supporter and remain one, the next few months will be crucial. The Republicans are so unpopular in the USA that now is never a better change to enact real change in America. However, in John Mc Cain you have a maverick candidate who leans to the left on some issues to the ire of the Conservative wing of the Republicans. He may have difficulty motivating his vote to come out on election day which played such a crucial role for Bush in 2004.

The battle is nearly off, and then it's on to the big one Barack V McCain


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