Sunday, April 06, 2008

Olympic torch protests in London

The scene of protest throughout London today during the Olympic torch procession is not surprising or unexpected. While I condone the behaviour of some of the protester's, it shows the strength of feeling the existed and that as a democracy people have the right to protest freely. Unfortunately, these scenes will not be repeated in China, as any dissension will be stamped upon severely along with any freedom of expression and freedom to protest. The way the government systematically blocks western websites shows that are uninterested in allowing free and open access to information.

While the may be hosting the Olympics, the Chinese government have made little effort to open the country up and what has happened in Tibet of late, should disturb us all. The Olympics in China were for a wonderful opportunity for the country to reform its ways, but I fear that nothing has really changed and it's business as usual for the totalitarian regime that runs China. I don't believe that a boycott would solve anything as in the past they've made little difference and that countries from across the world should participate in the games. Thankfully with London, the host in 2012, we will be seeing a games held in a country where freedom of speech is allowed, we have a lot to be grateful for and as a democracy it's something we should value.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate Hoey, someone who thinks chasing sentient creatures to exhaustion before disembowelling them with a pack of dogs for fun is a great thing to do, is such a hypocrite.
She lays into the PM of her own party at every oppoortunity because she was once sacked for being a quasi Tory moron.
She says she is concerned for human rights but she never condemns the thugs of her Countryside Alliance who beat up people for being opposed to their vicious, barbaric so called 'sports'

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