Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mugabe clings on to power in Zimbabwe

What has been happening in Zimbabwe is greatly disturbing, a once great country has been reduced to a wreck through the policies of the despotic Robert Mugabe who uses every trick in the book to cling on to power.

When a country can barely feed its own population, where the economy has collapsed with the highest inflation in the world and 80% unemployment, the present situation has to change if the people are to be given any hope for the future. With the population collapsing and life expectancy now in the thirties, a country that was once of the most prosperous in Africa has collapsed into a shambolic state.

Of course, if any solution is to come, it needs to be from African countries and especially for the South African government of Thabo Mbeki. The have a clear duty to help bring to an end this regime given the mounting chaos and that as a country they're flooded with migrant fleeing Mugabe. The failure of the government of South Africa to speak out against this regime is nothing short of scandalous given that they could place influence on Zimbabwe and help bring to an end the regime of Robert Mugabe. Likewise, other African governments need to come together to condemn this despot. These governments have influence in a way that the British government will never have where it's seen as the former colonial power.

I hope that a peaceful solution is found and that an orderly transition takes places, I fear though that it will end in bloodshed as Mugabe takes ever more desperate measures to remain in power.


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