Thursday, March 13, 2008

New intergenerational centre in Mitcham

Thanks to Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, Merton is to get an extra £1.5 million capital funding for the countries first intergenerational centre. When opened next year it will see a range of service under one roof for older people, young people and families.

In the press release announcing the decesion Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said: 'I want the first intergenerational centre in London to be a resource for all age groups, old and young, for families and for individuals. The new centre’s aim is to break down barriers between people of different generations, challenge ageism and generate a sense of shared purpose bringing together and benefitting all members of the community.'

The new centre will be located near the new Eastfields station on the site of a new disused youth centre. Going past the site this morning work has already started to clear the site and it's hoped that it will be open by the middle of 2009

Among the activities at the new centre will be IT, training facilities, arts, crafts and sport activities.

This is a great boost to the local area and it's thanks to Ken that we're getting these fantastic new facilities. Along with the new train station, extra buses and neighbourhood policing, Mitcham has benefitted considerably from having a Labour mayor in Ken. None of this would've ever happened if we had a Tory Mayor of London and if Boris wins on May 1st the area will certainly get none of the benefits it has had under Ken.


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