Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stalemate after Super Tuesday

After Super Tuesday, it seems we're no nearer a winner in the Democrat race. Effectively it was a score draw; with both Barack and Hillary enjoying success in almost equal spoils. From the delegate totals, they've also come out neck and neck though with the super-delegates Hillary has an overall lead of about 100. The next month now sees a number of contests before the next big date on March 4th when Texas and Ohio votes. If Hillary can win in Ohio and Texas she'll be very hard to beat.

Overall, the odds would still have to favour Hillary despite the success of Barack Obama. Her main worry at the moment is cash as she only raised $13 million in January against $32 million for Barack, she has also put in $5 million of her own money. The race continues to be very volatile and many more chapters are likely to be written on this on-going saga, indeed we might not know the nominee until the convention in Denver which takes place at the end of August.

In terms of the Republicans, McCain cemented his place as the front-runner but with the strong showing of Mike Huckabee in the south it's not all over quite yet.


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