Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama makes it 10 in a row

The Obama juggernaut rolls on with comprehensive victories in Hawaii and Wisconsin. After the stalemate of Super Tuesday, it's clear that the momentum is now behind Barack Obama. While Hawaii is not a surprise given that he was born there, his success in Wisconsin is more significant given that it should've been a state that favoured Hillary Clinton. The nomination his now his for the taking given the lead he has now established and his success across many different states. Hillary should not however be written off quite yet and things can change very rapidly. Victories in Ohio and Texas by comprehensive margins would put her right back in the frame, but she does face an uphill battle. This could go down to the wire with a brokered convention which would have all the hallmarks of an absolute nightmare. The last chance saloon beckons through for Hillary. If she fails to win either Ohio or Texas we'll be set for Obama V Mc Cain in the race to be the 44th president.


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