Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mayor-elect of the London Borough of Merton

Although I've known for a while that I was to be nominated as mayor for the 2008-9 municipal year, I was tonight confirmed as the mayor-elect of the London Borough of Merton and I'll become mayor on May 14th if it's confirmed at the Council AGM. With Merton being the political complexion it is (30 Con, 27 Lab, 3 Merton Park Residents), the nomination was confirmed on the casting vote of the current mayor John Dehaney.

I am of course delighted to have the opportunity of being mayor of Merton next year and having the opportunity to serve the borough. Having been born in this borough and a councillor for the past six years, it will also be a great honour and a privilege to take up this role. Over my mayoral year, I hope to get round to all parts of the borough and hopefully meet many community groups who contribute so much to the borough. The role will also involve representing the borough at a number of events throughout the year. During the year I'll also have the opportunity to raise funds for my chosen charity.

Being mayor will bring with it sacrifices - politics will take a secondary role for the year as neutrality is essential and a pre-requisite of the position. My role as mayor is to represent the borough first and foremost. Throughout the year I'll continue to blog, but it will be primarily about my role as Mayor of Merton and my activities, hopefully I'll also start to add photos to the blog. The year ahead promises to be an exciting year and I can't wait.

In terms of the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Krysia Williams of the Merton Park Residents' will be taking up the position. Krysia I know will make a fantastic Deputy Mayor and will be a great ambassador for the borough.


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