Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last post office in Pollards Hill set for closure

I was disappointed to hear today the post office in Sherwood Park Road in my ward Pollards Hill is set for closure. If it goes ahead it will leave no post office in my ward which has some of the highest levels of deprivation in Merton

These proposals will be fought as it will have a real impact on the local community and in area where services are already difficult to access along with many people not having access to bank accounts. Likewise, we have many elderly people along with a high number of people with young children where travelling long distances is not an option. The consultation period of just six weeks is also woefully inadequate given that Cabinet Office guidance is for 12 weeks.

I also have concerns that the criteria and distance criteria has not been met and will be looking at the proposals very carefully. Local communities need amenities like the Post Office and their loss will have widespread ramifications for the area. Along with my ward colleagues, we'll be campaigning against these proposals.


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