Thursday, January 31, 2008

The race for the White House narrows

With the withdrawal of John Edwards from the Democrat race and Rudi Gulliani from the Republican race, the race has narrowed as we move on to what is likely to be the pivotal showdown of Super Tuesday. The decision of Rudi Gulliani to endorse Mc Cain puts him in an even stronger position after his success in Flordia last night. However, Romney is a strong candidate and should not be ruled out as he has deep pockets and is seen by many in the Republican faithful to be more trustworthy then John McCain who has upset many Republicans through his policy stances on issues like immigration and taxation. Mitt Romney has been playing the conservative card of late and had 're-invented' himself from his time as Governor of Massachusetts. Mike Huckabee is still around and will pick up a few states in the south next week but for all intense purposes his campaign is over, the impact of his staying in is not helpful to Mitt Romney's campaign.

In terms of the Democrat, it's still hard to predict - the win for Hillary Clinton in Florida was pretty meaningless given that its been stripped of any delegates for defying the Democrat National Committee. Barack Obama will have been boosted by the endorsement of Ted Kennedy earlier this week and his resounding win in South Carolina. However, much as I'd like to see Barack win, the odds have got to favour Hillary Clinton coming out on top after Super Tuesday given that she leads in most state polls and is polling very well with the Hispanic, women and older demographic(and more likely to vote as well); for Barack he is of course doing very well with the African-American population but he has an uphill task winning the other groups over in large numbers. The race is sill open and the proportional system should continue to keep the race alive after next Tuesday.

Everything is still very open in this race even as we head to Super Tuesday.


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