Sunday, January 20, 2008

One year to go untill the end of Dubya!

On this date next year we'll have a new US president and hopefully a Democrat in the White House as well. The end of Dubya cannot come soon enough and with the 2008 election now in full swing it promises to be an exciting year ahead.

From the Nevada caucuses at the weekend - the results on the Democrat side saw another win for Hillary in her quest for the nomination. Although she won, Barack Obama actually won the most delegates. What was more interesting was the breakdown, Barack was well ahead in terms of African-Americans but Hillary has a lead a large lead in terms of Hispanic votes which made up nearly a third of caucus attending and is pivotal in many US states. John Edwards is also effectively finished after his dismal showing in Nevada and South Carolina should be the spell the end for his campaign.

The next battle is South Carolina - if Hillary can win this primary she'll effectively be set for the nomination given the demographics of the state(50% of primary voters are likely to be African-American). I want Obama to win, but he has to win this state and it's a crucial battle in the race for the nomination and also the first in the south. A debate for Democrat candidates' is tomorrow in South Carolina and could also play an important role in the race.

On the Republican side, I think the battle now is between John Mc Cain and Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee needed a win here and he failed, give the states demographics he really had to win in order to stand a chance of winning the nomination. Rudy Gulliani first and only chance will be Florida, anything less then victory or a very close second will probably mean that he'll be out of the race, he has played a very risky strategy in sitting out the first few races and his campaign seems to lack any momentum. With it being politics, things can change and never rule out the unexpected.

The next few days sees a lull in contests, but with super-duper Tuesday only two weeks away we could soon know the two candidates are for president. However, if it's still deadlocked in two weeks time, it will make the campaign that much more interesting.


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