Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Harris Academy Merton has over 700 applications!

The Harris Academy in my council ward Pollards Hill, has this year seen over 700 applications expressing a preference to be admitted to the school from September 2008 and 231 were first preference applications. This is the second highest of any school in Merton and just behind the Ursuline catholic school for girls in Wimbledon. The intake for the school is just 180. This is an amazing transformation from the former Tamworth Manor High School which saw less then 80 first preference applications just two years ago - now it's oversubscribed. It is clear that the transformation that has taken place within the school has had an impact in the local area and I've no doubt that the school will continue to go from strength to strength over the next year. A great deal of credit also need to be given to the Head Andy Halpin.

With a new sixth form about to be built, it has also created enormous opportunities for post-16 education in the area. Parents now want to send their kids to the school instead of doing everything in the power not to send them to the local school which was previously the case. With A-C GCSE's increasing by 11% to 40% the school is certianly changing things for the better locally.


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