Friday, January 04, 2008

Barack Obama wins in Iowa

The result in Iowa for Barack Obama is absolutely fantastic news given the nature of the state and the importance it has in the nominating process for the Democrats. This is a state that is 97% white and is a fairly rural sparsely populated state, it is not a state that is not in the 'liberal belt' in the US or even the most 'progressive state' in the country. To achieve a result like Barack Obama did last night was a pretty remarkable achievement.

The huge increase in turnout also indicated the enthusiasm that existed for Barack Obama, along with the attitude of change in America which Barack Obama reflects. In winning the caucus, he also motivated and persuaded large number of people to back him in his campaign. This has given momentum to his campaign which now moves onto New Hampshire next week for the first primary.

Essentially the race for the Democratic nomination is a battle between Hillary and Barack. John Edwards needed to win in Iowa to give his campaign traction - his result whilst not bad was a long way behind Barack and given that he'd been working the state for the last four years the result has probably meant the end of his campaign. I personally thought he may have won in New Hampshire, but I was proven wrong in my prediction.

New Hampshire has now become a must win for Hillary Clinton. While she is still ahead of Barack Obama in polls - the momentum is not with her. Her campaign will be in deep trouble if she does not win in New Hampshire given that Super Tuesday is barely a month away.

Everything about this race has suddenly become very exciting and I hope that Barack now goes on and wins the nomination as he represents a real opportunity to make a real difference in the US.


Anonymous tremayne said...

I found world reaction to Obama's Iowa victory most interesting. Americans should not neglect the importance of being respected abroad. In the last 8 years, we've done much to draw the ire of even our closest allies. From my perspective, Obama is the only candidate who can restore, in an instant, our positive image abroad AND who can foster REAL unity across around the country. As a 25 year-old young voter, I have hope.

1:37 am  
Blogger Prof. Goldblatt Ph.D. said...

When Barack Hussein Obama, Says that he is against the war in Iraq but then votes for $300
billion to fund it — that's not change.

1:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Obama wins in Iowa but loses in New Hampshire.....several days ago. Why the silence?

9:38 pm  

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