Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nick Clegg elected Lib Dem leader

The election of Nick Clegg as a Lib Dem leader is not a great surprise - though the margin of victory was very slim and probably reflected the poor campaign of Nick Clegg compared to Chris Humhe. From someone who thought he would walk it, the narrowness of his success shows that there was less then overwhelming enthusiasm for Clegg. The significant drop in turnout from the leadership election of last year may also show a general air of apathy within the party.

A few months ago, I generally thought that Clegg would improve the position of the Lib Dems, now I'm not so sure and his generally uninspiring campaign has certainly not boosted him as a politician. The real question now is what direction the Liberals go and the signs are is that Clegg will move them to the right though in a party with so many different tasks this will be no easy task.


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