Monday, December 03, 2007

Andrew Pelling to quit at next election

After weeks of speculation, Andrew Pelling MP for Croydon Central has decided to retire at the next election. After all the controversies of recent months he's had enough and after one term in Parliament he'll be retiring. The constituency of Croydon Central is close to Mitcham and Morden and just over week ago a team of us went over to help the Labour candidate Gerry Ryan. We received a very positive response on the doorsteps and support for Labour was holding up in the area. I've know Gerry for a number of years and know he'll make a first-class MP for Croydon Central if elected and is a formidable campaigner. The seat is also now a notional Labour seat on the new boundaries.

In terms of Tory candidates, it will be interesting to see whether Merton Tory Cabinet member and A list member Tariq Ahmad puts his hat in the ring given that he was candidate in the neighbouring seat of Croydon North at the last election. The seat is also a lot closer then many of the other seats he has sought selection for in the past. If selected, he'll have his work cut winning against Gerry who'll be a tough opponent and has deep roots in Croydon. With most constituencies now having selected it will also have its fair share of Tory candidates putting their hat in the ring and competition will be intense for this nomination.


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