Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Opening of new St Pancras station

Working as I do in the Kings Cross area, I've seen over the last five years the transformation of the area along with the huge amount of regeneration that has taken place. For weeks I've been waiting to see the inside of the St Pancras and today I finally got the chance. To put it mildly the station is awe-inspiring and has been wonderfully restored to its former glory. This is a station that has to be one of most magnificent stations in the world and is a credit to our country.

The 30ft Paul Day statue of a man and woman embracing is a wonderful addition and coupled with the huge clock adds to the ambiance of the station Underneath the station they've also created a huge array of shops many of which are still to open but the cloisters have been bautifully restored..

Next Monday I'm off to Paris on the new high speed link, this really is the railway of the future and it's hard to believe that you can reach Paris now in just over two hours. The high-speed and a huge infrastructure project that has come in on-time and on-budget. Europe has just become that bit closer!

One other bit to note is that Greenpeace have hung a huge banner from the front of St Pancras saying no a third runway at Heathrow, along with a parade of cyclist protesting about access. With so much press around in the station they could not have picked a better day for some publicity.


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