Wednesday, November 21, 2007

England football calamity

Yes tonight was an absolute calamity for the England football team especially for the keeper Scott Carson(though I have some sympathy for the young keeper) fumbling the first Croatia goal.

After England receiving a get out of jail card by Israel last weekend, this was their opportunity to qualify and given home advantage should have been accomplished with ease. The first half performance was lamentable and after coming back from 2-0 down we looked on course to got through until we gave away a third goal and it was all over.

Where next for England? Steve McLaren should certainly be sacked as manager as failing to qualify for a major championship is unacceptable. In terms of his replacement maybe it's time to re-appoint El Tel, OK he was assistant to McLaren but he was a pretty successful coach last time he was in charge of England and has the pedigree - the English alternatives are also very limited. If they go outside England, Jose Muriniho would be my choice or maybe Fabio Capello.

England also have to face facts, the current team consists of many second rate players. Whilst we've many world class players we've no strength in depth and this was brutally exposed tonight. The current situation in the Premier League with the large number of foreign players is not too helpful either and limits the choices considerably in terms of English players

Although next Summer will be barren on the football front we now have to prepare for the next World Cup, hopefully we'll qualify for this tournament and get our act together by then. Given present form not going to Euro 2008 has probably saved us from complete and utter humiliation and we need to re-group and learn the lessons from our abject failure.

Given our disasters at international level at least at club level English teams are performing well but it does not make up for our failure to qualify for a major international tournament.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mclaren deserved a chance after waiting patiently under the wings of sven. But he's had it, and he failed... quite miserably. im guessing few of us english will be putting a bet on football during the Euro Finals next year. Just out of interest, if you were to participate in a bit of football betting at some stage during the Euros, who would you back? Personally i reckon either Italy or Portugal must start faves...
As for who is next in the england hot seat - your suggestions suprise me if you are an englishman - why opt for a foreign manager when there are plenty of decent english managers who fit the criterea... Coppell, Curbishley, and Redknapp spring to mind

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