Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brian Paddick selcted as Lib Dem London mayoral candidate

I note with interest that the Lib Dems have selected Brian Paddick as their London mayoral candidate. Before he took up his position as police commander in Lambeth Borough which made him one of the high-profile police officers in the country he was in the same position in Merton though it was just before I became a councillor.

Whilst Brian Paddick has achieved some notoriety from his previous time as Lambeth commander he faces an extremely difficult time in London up against Ken and Boris. With two such high-profile candidates it will be very difficult for the Liberals to make much headway. Last time round they selected a high profile candidate in Simon Hughes who did very badly, whilst Paddick has achieved some profile he is still an unknown to the vast majority of Londoners.

Despite some strength in parts of London for the Liberals - this will be race between Ken and Boris. Brian Paddick whilst an extremely experienced police officer has very limited political experience, in the cut-thrust world of London politics this may well be very telling by the end of the campaign and in making a successful transition to politics.


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