Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australian Labor party wins General Election

Congratulations goes to Kevin Rudd on winning the Australian General election for the Australian Labor party. From the results that have come in they've achieved a huge win and the Prime Minister John Howard seems to have even lost his own seat of Bennelong in the Sydney suburbs. I know many of my Australian friends will be delighted with the result.

In Australia the policies of John Howard have been rejected, this includes refusing to sign up to Kyoto, introducing anti-union laws through work choices and broken promises on interest rates.

Over the years John Howard has enjoyed some great success in winning four elections but had also come back in a Lazarus like fashion after being kicked out as Liberal leader in the late eighties. His impact on Australia has been huge but clearly after 11 years in office they've had enough and brought his long career in politics to a close.

In terms of Kevin Rudd he has remarkably turned around the fortunes of the Australian Labor Party who looked down and out just a year ago when he took over. Hopefully he'll go on to prove himself as Prime Minster and make Australia a more progressive country.


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A bit off subject but what exactly did you say in your letter to the Post re Pollards Hill Library to deserve the unpleasant response from Maurice Groves? You always seem to say positive things about the library.

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