Sunday, October 21, 2007

Raikkonen wins F1 World Championship

The sporting weekend which was meant to herald such success for English sportsmen has ended in failure with Lewis Hamilton failing to win the F1 World Championship.

For a driver in his rookie season it was a tremendous effort from Lewis Hamilton, but nonetheless it's a much disappointment given that just two races ago he had such a large lead before it all went wrong in China and now today with his car problems in Brazil.

I have no doubt that Lewis Hamilton will go on to win the World Championship, he may have failed this year but many more opportunities will come along and I've no doubt he will go on and win many F1 World Championships in this career.

The one thing I'm delighted about is that Fernando Alonso failed to win the World Championship, Kimi Raikkkonen deserves his success in the championship and it's been a great conclusion to the season.

Finally, ITV F1 coverage is really annoying with all the adverts and spoils the race, why can't it be like football and covered uninterrupted(or stick it on ITV4 the full race). I would even prefer it being on Sky if it meant races being run in full instead of stop-start coverage as it really spoils the enjoyment of the race.


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