Friday, October 05, 2007

November election still on?

Although the latest polls have narrowed this was to be expected and the reduced Labour lead is no surprise. With the positive coverage the Tories have been having this week it was always likely to be the case. Like our conference last week the initial leads for Labour were 11% and narrowed as the euphoria died down Will it stop Gordon calling an election? personally I think it won't and that he'll announce an election for Novemeber 8th next week. I think it would be a wise decesion.

The tory tax plans don't seem to add up and the figures they've come up with for their domicile tax of £25,000 already seem wildly optimistic and are unlikely to unravel over the campaign. They will no doubt also be publishing other proposals aimed at enticing the voters once an election is called which probably accounts for the lack of firm proposals in David Cameron's speech on Wednesday. The announcements in the Comprehensive Spending Review and pre-Budget report next Tuesday should also bring some positive news for the Government.

With an election campaign likely to be underway in the next week we could be in for some very exciting times over the next month.


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