Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In the lap of the Gods

Just when it looked like we might qulify for Euro 2008 we suffer a defeat in Russia which puts qualification for Euro 2008 very much in the balance. If Russia wins their remaining two games it will be all over for England barring some surprise slip up by Croatia in the next game against Macedonia. England may live to regret dropping points at home to Macedonia, drawing in Israel and losing against both Croatia and Russia. I also happen to think that playing matches on plastic pitches is appaling and the pitch in Moscow was of little help, all matches should be on grass which is the proper surface for football.

I think England will probably scrape through as Russia have a tricky tie in Israel though it could be a football free Summer next year and if we fail to qulify serious questions will need to be asked about the team, while we've had a good a good run of late it may be a question of too little too late.


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