Saturday, October 20, 2007

England lose to South Africa

The dream of a second Rugby World Cup success has come to an end but what a valiant effort and despite losing it was a tremendous performance by the England team. The match was tight throughout and if Cueto had scored that try the result could have been very different but it was not to be.

The team has exceeded all expectation in this World Cup, from being a laughing stock last year, their coach Brian Ashton took them to the brink of retaining the World Cup something that would've have been completely unimaginable just a few weeks ago.

In terms of the team, I would also like to pay tribute to the effort of Paul Sackey, an old boy of my secondary school John Fisher Purley(I actually knew his brother Eddy at school) for his tremendous performance throughout the tournament including tonight. He was a star amongst many and they've done England proud.


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