Friday, October 05, 2007

Crossrail gets the go-ahead

The news that Crossrail is to get the go-ahead is very welcome news. This is a project that has been desperately needed for years and hopefully will relieve some of the chronic congestion currently experienced on the tube and rail system. The work of the Mayor Ken Livingstone needs to be commended for pushing this project forward and getting business to contribute, thanks to his leadership London will benefit massively from its construction and will be a significant boost to the capital's infrastructure.

With the go-ahead of Thameslink 2000, London in ten years time will have proper cross-town rail links and with both lines connecting at Farringdon it will make travelling around London a great deal easier. Of course the construction period for both will cause some inconvenience but it is price worth paying for the development of the transport network in London and for easing overcrowding.


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