Friday, October 05, 2007

Conservative candidate for Mitcham and Morden??

Whilst an election may be called in the next week, the Tories have still failed to select their candidate in Mitcham and Morden. This is a seat that they held until 1997, but like their failure to select a candidate it also seems that their absence has been widespread throughout Mitcham and Morden since the local elections in May 2006 when they failed to make any gains in the seat and saw Labour win 27 out of 30 council seats.

No doubt if an election is called they'll appoint a candidate and run some kind of campaign but with their failure to select they seem to no longer view this seat as a serious prospect. Now it will be interesting to see whether any Merton Tory councillor puts their head above the parapet and becomes the candidate. Anyway for Labour it will be full steam ahead in the seat as were never complacent about the seat and with Siobhian McDonagh we have a first class Member of Parliament. Whenever the election is called Labour will be ready for the battle ahead, the question is will the Conservatives be?


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