Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clegg V Huhne

Just two candidates have put their head above the parapet to lead the Lib Dems with the close of nominations today. Both candidates were only elected in 2005 which is pretty meteoric rise for a party of 62 MP's but then again it's probably a good indicator that the Liberals have a shortage of talent amongst their ranks.

I have already predicted that I think Nick Clegg will win, he is head and shoulders above his colleagues and is a vast improvement on Ming Campbell. The main problem they face is that whilst in the past the Liberal Democrats have been seen as a protest support dustbin(which was certainly the case in many places at the last election) this time round with Cameron staking out the centre ground and Gordon have taken over from Tony they'll have difficulty attracting support.

Time will tell with Clegg turns out to be a success or failure though they're likely to have severe problems at the next election holding on to their existing seats. No doubt they'll be plenty of Liberal opportunism along the way.


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