Saturday, October 13, 2007

C'est Magnifique

After having being written off as has been's by myself and many others just a few weeks ago, the turn-arond in England's fortunes at the Rugby World Cup is nothing short of amazing. They have of course been helped along by the amazing feet of Jonny Wilkinson(even though he missed a few) but England are in the World Cup final something I thought would've been unimaginable just a few short weeks ago.

The performance of the team tonight was excellent, Jason Robinson was superb and Joe Worsley making that magnificent which could would've have put France in a commanding position if had gone over.

No matter what the result next week, the team have done superbly given that our form has been awful before the World Cup and that as a team we were in the process of re-building for the future. The country did not have the high expectations that we had back in 2003 and this team have proven the critics wrong including myself.Credit also has to be paid to Brian Ashton who has proved to be a far superior coach to Andy Robinson and has paid a large part in the success of the English side.

Next week we'll have the opportunity of becoming the first team to retain the World Cup and with a little luck we might just achieve that feat and if it's South Africa gain revenge for that 35-0 drubbing. Anyone who put money on after that would've got 66-1, the odds tonight are a lot less and if we do win it will possibly be one of the biggest turnaround in sporting history and up there with the Headingley Ashes test of 1981 and Liverpool winning the Champions League in 2005 after being 3-0 down.


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