Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mourinho departure from Chelsea

Much as I dislike Chelsea, Jose Mourniho has been Chelsea's must successful manager ever and brought success to the club on the back of Abramavoich money. Mourniho was arrogant and a bad loser but he knew how to bring the best out of the team and with so many superstars at Chelsea he got the results, never to lose a home fixture during your time as a manager is a pretty extraordinary achievement. What really finished him off was being beaten twice by Liverpool in the Champions League which was the trophy Chelsea craved.

Where do Chelsea go from here? The money taps seemed to have been switched off and Abramovich is showing signs of restlessness(or pulling out?). The last few years could end up being a flash in the pan with the club going into rapid decline, this could easily happen and I suspect would be the case if Abramovich left. Time will tell.

This whole incident is also not good for the team especially with Manchester United at the weekend and a team that has hit form as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mourniho was arrogant but and a bad loser but he knew" - well for a foreigner his mastery of the English language was on a par (at least) with yours!

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