Monday, September 24, 2007

Gordon Brown's speech to conference

I thought that the speech Gordon Brown made today to Conference struck exactly the right note along with emphasising the way ahead with policies that will further improve education and health along with tough measures on gun crime. He was also right in ignoring the Conservatives and Liberals who were not mentioned once in his speech.

I thought the ending was very poignant especially about the part he has emphasised about how the NHS had saved his sight and the debt of gratitude he owed to the NHS. The speech was firmly aimed at middle England along with reaching out to people who did not vote Labour, clearly this is part of his approach to a new kind of politics. Will he go to the polls soon? that's the million dollar question that everyone is asking, personally I think he just might!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The speech was also sought out to reach out to people who did not vote Labour along with is part of his approach in creating a new kind of politics"....what language are you trying to speak? Do you ever read what you have written (after you have sobered up, that is)? I notice your profile claims you ar Chairman of something called the Scuitiny Committee or some other mangled up word). Keep up the good work!

8:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, it's "Liberal Democrats" by the way . . . the "Liberals" are actually a different political party, active in small parts of the country

9:38 pm  
Blogger transfattyacid said...

When will Labour bother to deliver for the poor?

1:10 am  

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