Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back from Bournemouth

Well I'm finally back from what has been one of the most exciting Labour party conferences that I've attended though very tiring in terms of late nights. The mood in Bournemouth throughout the week was excellent with nearly everyone in a very positive mood, this has been replicated on the conference floor where the leadership has suffered no defeats for the first time in years(and is unlikely too either).

When the news came out last night that we had an 11% lead it was the icing on the cake and beyond my wildest expectations, if replicated in an election it would lead to a huge Labour landslide. The poll however was taken straight after his speech on Monday and the weekend polls should provide a better picture though I would not be surprised if they again show large Labour leads.

Will we be poll bound soon? views were inevitably mixed at the conference with some favouring waiting and others wanting an election called soon. Clearly the general momentum is for an election now, from someone who dismissed an election in the autumn just a few weeks ago I now favour going sooner rather then later. This week we have some interesting local by-elections in Portsmouth, Dover, Corby and in Sunderland(a Tory/Labour marginal) which will no doubt provide some further information and will hopefully see the strong Labour performance of the past two weeks in local by-elections replicated. Likewise this weekend will no doubt see another batch of polls published along with more polls published after the Conservative conference next week.

The date of the election has also been raised, with October 25th in half-term week(many people away though it's before the clocks go back) we might be looking towards an election on November 1st or 8th. All the election talk is pretty fascinating and it will be a very difficult decision for Gordon to take and we'll know sooner or later whether Gordon takes the plunge and calls an election but whenever it's called we be ready for battle ahead in Mitcham and Morden. Elections are exhausting but they are also exciting if expectations are high, we cannot be complacent but it's certainly looking good for a Labour 4th term.


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