Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Gov poll gives Labour 10% lead

This latest You Gov in the Sunday Times is very good news for Labour, 10% ahead with Labour at 42%, Conservatives 32% and Liberal Democrats at 14%. While I knew we would have a bounce when Gordon Brown became leader, I never thought it would be this big and from a pollster that tends to give us our lowest leads.With the number of large issues having emerged since he became Prime Minister, I believe this is due to the considerable leadership skills he has displayed in facing these issues. David Cameron must really be despairing about these latest polls and with his current personal ratings have dropped like a stone over the last few months against over Gordon Brown things are not looking to for him at present.No doubt the knives will be out for Cameron on Conservative Home tonight.

This will no doubt fuel speculation of a snap election in the autumn, personally I don't believe for a moment he will call an election and I believe that it's better to wait till next year, though the likelihood of a Spring 2007 election grows by the day.


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