Monday, August 27, 2007

Travelling round Ireland

Well today I saw the Ring of Kerry in Ireland which has some spectacular scenery and was extremely picturesque. The immense beauty of the Atlantic coastline with jagged cliffs and mountains is wonderful to see and the Ring of Kerry is certainly worth visiting even though it is a 100 mile drive on roads that are very narrow along wit containing many twists and turns. Tonight I'm staying in Killarney and thankfully the hotel has wireless access.

Over the last week I've travelled to many places in Ireland. This has included visiting the medieval city of Kilkenny and seeing the historic castle which has been restored after being allowed to do into a state of disrepair over many years. The only downside of the place is the way that cars are free to go where they want, one of the great things about most British town and cities is the way that we've pedestrianised centres which have significantly improved the environment of the local area, in Ireland cars are seemingly allowed to roam free in major towns and cities which is a great shame.

Over the weekend I was in Cork, every time I go back the city has changed with it having been European city of culture back in 2004 it received a face lift and the whole place has improved enormously, further changes are afoot and the centre is being regenerated along the lines of many British cities have in recent years. I was also in Clonakilty, West Cork which has fantastic beautiful and is immensely beautiful.

Tomorrow I'm off to Limerick before I fly out of Shannon to Heathrow on Wednesday morning. Over here it has been big news that the route is to be dropped by Aer Lingus with it being replaced by flights to Belfast. Over here it has caused a furore and calls for government intervention, how things work so differently here! personally I believe it should be a role for airlines to determine what routes they operate but people see it differently over here even though Ryan Air have a large number of flights from Shannon to London airports.


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