Friday, August 31, 2007

Princess Diana - 10 years on

The day Diana died I was on holiday in West Cork and did not hear the news till lunchtime, I was shocked like most other people to hear the news and over the next week it did have a massive impact across the country. In terms of people dying you probably not look for a more recognisable figure who had a huge regonition across the world and added a bit of sparkle to the royals.

Hopefully the 10th anniversary of Diana's death will allow the media to move on and focus on other more important issues. The death was a tragedy caused by a drunk driver who was driving recklessly through the streets of Paris, I do not believe it was an MI5 set-up or that she was murdered by dark forces. Sadly though the inquest next year(how the hell can it take ten years to have an inquest) is likely to see another media circus along with the latest Daily Express story(a paper so obsessed with Di that it would be more appropriately called the Daily Diana). This death like JFK will probably linger on for years to come with conspiracy theories most of which are outlandish but surely the time has come to accept that this was a tragic accident.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't seem to have many comments on your blog. Does that bother you? Do you only publish ones which agree with you?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour, killing iraqi kids for oil. What would Diana have thought of such deceitful killing?

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