Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pollards Hill fun day

Well thankfully the rain just about stayed away which was a relief and help make the Pollards Hill fun day a great success. A number of different organisation were involved including MOAT Housing(the stock in Pollards Hill was transferred from Merton Council back in 98), the Primary Care Trust, Police, St Johns Ambulance, Commonside Trust and Merton Council. The day also had a number of displays from children along with a range of activities including face painting, bouncy castle etc.

In terms of the Pollards Hill councillors we also has a stand which was very useful for meeting many people and hearing about local issues in the area along with casework. These events also allow you to communicate with a range of different community organisations and hear their views.

The event also saw the launch of the Pollards Hill Neighbourhood Plan which hopefully will see improvements made to the area along with improving liaison with a wide range of organisations. In many ways partnership working does operate well locally but there is always room for improvement in terms of delivery and that we listen to the views of local residents (and many were asked for their views today) about the plan along with improvements they would like to see in the area.


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