Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nelson Mandela statue

To have a statue unveiled of yourself in Parliament Square in a testament to the work of Nelson Mandela in fighting injustice in South Africa and all his campaigning against the evil of the apartheid system of South Africa. While he came out of prison in 1989 he worked to reconcile South Africa and allow the country to put the past behind, he is in my view one of the worlds greatest statesmen and I admire his courage and his tenacity that he has displayed as a person.

One of the greatest moments of my life was at my degree ceremony at Essex University when Nelson Mandela was in attendance with his now wife Grace Michel was receiving a honorary degree for all the humanitarian work she had undertaken. The announcement today of her receiving a honorary dame hood is recognition of her work. Nelson Mandela is a legend in his own right, the like of whom we're unlikely to see again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone seems to forget why nelson mandela was in prison terrorist activities.
what next a statue for martin mcguinness

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