Sunday, July 01, 2007

Smoke-free England

I have to admit that on occasions I'm a social smoker and on occasions I'd smoke a few cigarettes while having a drink, though of late I've significantly reduced my tendency to smoke even the odd cigarette whilst in the pub. Like many in this country when smoke-free laws were first floated I thought they were draconian and nanny state, indeed I remember returning a number of years ago from California thinking thanks heavens we do not have these types of laws in England.

However, in recent years I've generally accepted that it's the right thing to to even if it may affect some pubs in working class areas where most of the regulars smoke. For people like it will also stop the resistance to have a cigarette in pubs but also protect the health of others from having to breathe in second-hand smoke. Also it will encourage people to kick the habit and given the health damage it can cause this has to be a welcome move.

Many pubs will inevitably suffer some downturn in business especially pubs without outdoor areas, however on the other side it will also attract people who have stayed away from pubs because of smoke. In many ways we've been moving towards this state of affairs for many years, smoking had already been banned on public transport and most workplaces went smoke-free long ago, this is the final part in the process.


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