Thursday, July 05, 2007

Samantha George website

I happened to stumble across the website of the Deputy Leader of Merton Council Samantha George earlier tonight(no doubt set up for her Parliamentary selection campaigns and I understand that she is still busy looking for a seat). On the front in has a picture of her situated outside Rowley Regis Hospital(which happens to be in over 120 miles away in the West Midlands), clearly no local hospitals were suitable for picture opportunities.

Anyway what makes interesting reading is the two endorsements, one was from Maria Miller MP for Basingstoke(who also failed by one vote to be elected to Merton Council back in 2002 and is ex-Chair of Wimbledon Conservative Association) and Stephen Hammond (and lets face it he basically has to endorse her as the local MP and former ward colleague in Village). The site also makes mention of her Sheffield campaign but fails to mention that the Conservative vote actually fell in the seat despite a national rise in the Conservative vote.

The site is still under construction but the link is


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The endorsements are almost exactly the same - could almost have been written by the same person....

10:04 am  
Anonymous uraprat said...

Yours is a typically snide, sneering and childish set of comments....but no doubt will (and are designed to) boost your street cred with like-minded activists in your party. But such schoolboy anttitudes turn the rest of us off politics and politicians.....for goodness sake, grow up!

8:57 pm  

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