Sunday, July 22, 2007

Padraig Harrington wins British Golf Open

This afternoon I was glued to the TV watching what had to be one of the best ever British Golf Opens. Normally I don't tend to watch golf on TV very often but with all the twist, turns and excitement that happened at Carnoustie I got hooked and watched it right to the end.

The British Open also saw the first triumph for a European since the last time the British Open was held at Carnoustie eight years ago. For the Irish in Padraig Harrington it was their first winner in sixty years which knowing Ireland as I do their will be a great sense of national pride and he'll be treated as a hero. He thoroughly deserved his success even when it looked like he'd blown his chances at the 18th hole.

For Sergio Garcia it was a disappointing end but a vast improvement on his performance at Carnoustie in 1999 where he came last, in effect he blew his change of winning in the final round but as golf is such an unpredictable sport this often happens. He is a great golfing player and I've no doubt he will enjoy success in the future.


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