Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mitcham Common open day

Today I also attended an open day for Mitcham Common which was held at the Ecology Centre in my ward and involved a variety of activities including walks and an exhibition on the Common organised by The Friends of Mitcham Common.

The Common is an area that contains many different plant species and various wildlife, ecologically it's a goldimine and brings with it a huge open space that is available to local residents to use. In terms of running the Common it is run by a joint board called The Mitcham Common Conservators which contains representatives from Merton, Sutton and Croydon who together help fund the Common.

One of the concerns at the moment is inevitably the new Windmill Trading Estate development and impact it will have on the Common. As part of the development S106 money(which the developer has to contribute from any large development) will hopefully in part be received by the Conservators to make environmental improvements.
This is something I welcome as the impact of this development will be considerable and it's important that the Common is protected.


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