Friday, July 13, 2007

Merton Neighbourhood Governance report

At Overview and Scrutiny Commission on Thursday night we debated the report into Neighbourhood Governance which looked at ways of engaging with the public but also considered out current structure of area forums. I, along with Conservative Councillor Henry Nelless and Commission Chair Peter Southgate who is also a Merton Park Independent Resident councillor were members of the task force.

The report was amended considerably by scrutiny and a wide range of view were aired, indeed on certain issues I expressed views that differed from my Labour colleagues on the way forward(we are not whipped on scrutiny). We also had a long debate about allowing a pilot devolution of £10,000 budget to two wards, following debate this was amended as concerns were expressed on implications of devolving budgets. Within the report consideration was also given to the new Community Call for Action proposals and the implications it will have on the Council but also in how it empowered local residents and councillors in raising issues.

Following scrutiny amending the recommendations, it will now go to Cabinet which next meets in September. I enclose a link to the report


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