Sunday, July 15, 2007

Labour 7% lead in ICM poll

The ICM poll in the News of the World makes very encouraging reading with Labour at 40% and the Conservatives at 33%. This is the biggest lead since Gordon Brown took over as Prime Minister and from a pollster that tends to give us the lowest ratings it's even better news. I have said previously in this blog that Gordon Brown would have a honeymoon effect and that October will be a better time to judge the polls but it is encouraging to see them moving significantly in our favour.

Already the indications are that the wheels are starting to come off the Cameron bandwagon. After seeing the poll I decided to have a look at Conservative Home and seeing the comments section it's pretty scathing of David Cameron and his policies. The comments section also mentions Tony Lit the Tory candidate in Ealing Southall who last month attended a Labour Party fundraising event(and has his photo taken with Tony Blair), clearly his commitment to the Tory cause seems to be very weak indeed. The link is below.


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