Saturday, July 14, 2007

Eastfields Station meeting

This morning I attended a meeting at St Marks Academy organised by Siobhain McDonagh into the proposed new station at Eastfields. The meeting had representatives from both Merton Council and Network Rail, the meeting discussed a number of issues relating to the station including planning, access to the station by public transport, security, service frequency, planning issues, name and the construction timetable. The application has been submitted to Merton Council and it's hoped that it will be considered by planning in September following the 21 day consultation. If everything goes through it is hoped that the station will open in December.

In terms of the station name, four possible names are now on the shortlist, the name will be determined by Network Rail after the plans are approved. The names are as follows 1) Mitcham Eastfields 2) Mitcham East 3)Mitcham Vale and 4)Lonesome(which is the name of a local school and has some historical significance), personally the first name Mitcham Eastfields is the best of all of them.

Another issue raised was the zone for the station and whether it would be in 3 or 4, this matter will be determined by Tfl but I hope that it's in zone 3 given that neighbouring stations like Streatham Common and Tooting are in that zone. Given the fare difference as well, having it zone 3 would increase the attractiveness of the station to local residents.

Parking was also raised and Merton Council are consulting with local residents on the matter as a new station will inevitably have an impact on the local area.


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