Sunday, July 08, 2007

Campaigning in Ealing Southall

This morning 12 of us from Mitcham and Morden went over and helped Virenda Sharma in the Ealing Southall By-election. With this being a short campaign and polling day being only 11 days away, it will be an intensive campaign between now and polling day.

From being on the doorstep this morning in one of the more Tory parts of Ealing Southall, the reaction was generally positive though awareness of the by-election is still low with some people(though no doubt they'll be getting deluged with leaflets over the next 11 days). The area canvassed was also high on multiple-occupation which is never easy to canvass especially when you have a number of doorbells on each door. In terms of presence within the area, I saw no signs of any Tories in the area, the Liberals had delivered in the area and all the running seems to have been made by Labour to date.

All is to play for but I'm quietly confident that Labour will win on July 19th, key will be getting the vote out in the Southall wards where the main Labour vote is within the constituency.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now that the Sikhs (led by the very influential community Councillor Gurcharan Singh & Co) have dumped Labour to join the Conservatives, even your assured base in Southall is on shifting sand, thanks to Keith Vaz MP meddling with local politics on behalf of your NEC and antagonising the local activists. Another Gwent coming?

12:31 pm  
Blogger Martin Whelton said...

I don't think so, this is more the politics of opportunism.

1:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just shows how little difference there now is between Tories and Labour . . .

2:44 pm  

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