Monday, July 16, 2007

Boris Johnson running for London Mayor

It took a long time but it seems that the Tories have attracted at last someone who we've heard of to stand for London Mayor, after pontificating for most of the last week Boris finally took the plunge this morning and we're probably set for Ken V Boris provided Boris wins the Conservative primary.

This is actually welcome news, Boris Johnson is a character and politics does need them but is he really a serious politician or a buffoon? most in the Labour Party would say the latter. Still if it motivates people to vote in the Mayoral election and makes it more lively campaign then that has to be welcome though I would be shell-shocked if Boris does become Mayor of London.

Finally what happens if a General Election takes place next May, will he retire as MP for Henley? he surely can't run for two positions at the same time(two jobs Boris!). A possibility does exist that a General Election will happen on the same day(which will be a challenge from a London perspective given all the ballot papers) no wonder Boris took so long to decide and I bet he is praying that Gordon does not call a snap election for May 1st next year.

Like everything in politics things can change, but if it does come down to Ken V Boris it won't be short on the entertainment factor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Boris reminds me of another blond-headed buffoon Boris - Yeltsin! Ask any ordinary Russian (i.e. not unscrupulous oligarchs like Berezovtsky) the consequences of putting such people in power!

2:10 pm  
Anonymous Dave Hill said...

Boris is bad news disguised as a buffoon. If he wins the nomination I'm hoping all this will be gloriously revealed...

11:32 pm  

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