Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All Saints Centre Wimbledon

In recent days many Merton Labour councillors have been sent various e-mails and letters from local residents about All Saints Centre in Wimbledon.The All Saints centre is operated by Merton Council and offers a day facility for people aged 16-65 with a physical disability. It also provides access to community-based and other related organisations that can assist with education and social needs.

With Merton Council planning to make various savings in next years budget, strong rumours have been circulating for a number of weeks that the Merton Tory administration is planning to close the All Saints Centre next year. A statement has been issued today by the Director Simon Williams which fails to deny that it may be closed. If it does close, it will affect some of the most vulnerable people in the Borough and provides an invaluable service to many people across the borough with disabilities. The Labour councillors on Merton Council will be closely monitoring what the Tories come forward with in their proposals when they are published and the consultation on their proposals.

Statement by the Director of Community and Housing Simon Williams.

“Merton Council is currently carrying out a review of all its adult social services. This is being driven partly by the need to contribute to financial savings but also to look at modernising services to ensure that we continue to provide effective services that are right for the residents of Merton.

As part of the review we are looking at all our day services, which include the services we provide at All Saints Centre. We are still some way off from making any firm proposals and to date there are no concrete plans for the services provided at All Saints to close.

As we begin to shape the potential options, we will be consulting with key stakeholders, including service users. Proposed changes will also go through our usual governance processes and elected members will have the opportunity to discuss and debate. Throughout the review we are committed to inform service users at every step and it is hoped that consultation on any proposal will take place by the autumn.”


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