Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tony Blair departure

After 10 years in Downing Street Tony Blair has departed and Gordon Brown formally takes over as Prime Minister. The performance of Tony Blair today at Prime Minister question time was nothing short of remarkable and great way to bow out of his career in the House of Commons. Seeing the standing ovation is a tribute to his record of public service over the last decade.

Unlike other Prime Minister who've resigned or have lost elections, he is immediately resigning his seat to take up the important position of Middle East envoy, one door closes and another opens. After helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland, he's now turning his attention to another troubled area of the world. Given that he could have picked an easy life(and who would've blamed him) he takes on a very demanding role and challenging role, however I cannot think of a better person for the position given his work in Northern Ireland.

Anyway the Blair era is over now it's the Brown era, we've had some great times over the last ten years and let's hope we've some great times ahead. Thanks for the memories Tony,I for one deeply appreciate what you've done to improve this country over the last ten years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what the going price for honours in this new dawn?

8:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize? Or as you would no doubt put it the Nobel Piece Prize! Still we can't expect self proclaimed psephologists (or should that read self-ologists?) to be literate can we?

8:05 pm  
Anonymous uraprat said...

I guess our local Mitcham MP will be as devoted in her admiration of Gordon as she became in her championing of Ken when he was welcomed back into the Labour fold.
Long live principled politics!

8:09 pm  

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